Monday, October 29, 2007


Are we still talking about the ninth commandment, the one about not lying? I get upset any time I find gross misrepresentations of persons' views for propaganda purposes. I get livid when it is done by people in the name of Christ!

This afternoon I received an email from a friend who was forwarding it from a friend, who was forwarding it from a friend, who was... It was about what Ben Stein supposedly said on CBS Sunday Morning commentary. I'm not reproducing because over half of it is a forgery. If you are interested enough to read it you can find it, along with what Ben Stein actually said at

By the time I got to the last half of the email, I recognized paragraphs I had seen in numerous other emails and decided to check the source. The actual commentary by Ben Stein and recited on CBS Sunday Morning news was only about half the length of this one. The second half of this document was forged by someone else to try to make something of Ben Stein's name.

I don't know if the quote from Anne Graham Lotz is true or not. We know that Stein did not repeat it. If she did say it somewhere, I am sad that her view of God is so small and nationalistic. The God of the Bible has nothing to do with "gentlemanly" actions.

The writers of the forged document had the audacity to sign it with "Honestly and respectfully, Ben Stein." Do they believe that the ninth commandment doesn't apply to them. The scariest part is that they may actually believe that their lying is justified because they are in a battle against non-believers.

I weep for our nation, but I weep even more because of people who are willing to lie in the name of Christ. There are days when I am ashamed to be called a Christian.

I would like to know what you think.

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